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He works hard to assemble the best chariots in the land, kindly trusting those money lenders the Gods will perceive his commendable deeds, and offer to him incredible flourishing.

He presently understands that the Gods could give a consideration about the work on his fantastic chariots. He yearns to take care of business of methods, and have the way of life of the most extravagant man in Babylon, who was a beloved companion.

He consults with his closest companion, an artist, who advises him that it isn’t sufficient to have a fat wallet, as a man’s riches isn’t in the wallet he conveys, on the grounds that a fat wallet rapidly discharges if there be no brilliant stream to refill it.

The chariot developer chooses to defy the most extravagant man in Babylon, who he knew in his childhood, and figure out how he turned out to be so rich.

The chariot manufacturer imparts his regret to the most extravagant man in Babylon, realizing that both he and the most extravagant man in Babylon were once equivalent, played similar recreations in adolescence, considered under similar bosses, had break even with ability and capacity, and worked similarly as hard; presently he works similarly as hard yet his youth friend has turned into the most extravagant man in Babylon, while despite everything he battles.

The rich man answers, “On the off chance that you have not procured in excess of an uncovered presence in the years since we were young people, it is on the grounds that you either have neglected to take in the laws that oversee the working of riches, or else you don’t watch them.”

The most extravagant man at that point clarifies that he had figured out how to wind up rich from a moneylender, for whom he had given an administration in return to the moneylender’s mystery to progress.

The moneylender stated, “I found the way to riches when I chose that a piece of all I earned was all mine, thus will you.”

The cash bank tells the rich man, who was then a recorder in the lobby of records, to set aside one-tenth of all he procures as his bit to keep.