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Brazilian football was not born great. It attained greatness as a result of a process. When they won those three World Cups in four tournaments (between 1958 and 1970) they were ahead of the field in the duration of preparation and tactics any more about football World Cup Live Streaming

As far back as 1958, they had a massive back-up staff of doctors, a dentist, a physical prep specialist – even a premature effort to utilize a sports psychologist.

The fantastic Mario Zagallo – a participant in 1958 and 1962, trainer in 1970 – nearly fell off his chair when I told him that England went to Chile to the 1962 World Cup without so much as a physician.

And regarding tactics, they’d incorporated ideas from Uruguayan, Argentine and Hungarian coaches, place them together and come up with something fresh. They were leaders of the back four.

50 Great World Cup minutes: Carlos Alberto’s famous goal v Italy – 1970
As soon as they unleashed it in 1958 – nevertheless the only time they’ve won a World Cup in Europe – that the extra defensive cover meant they didn’t concede a goal until the semi-final. Zagallo is pleased to see that wonderful facet as a pioneer of modern day 4-2-3-1.

But so much success made them lazy and complacent, likely to think their own myths about inborn all-natural talent.

And as the match moved on, they were dangerously isolated. Hardly any Brazilian coaches came to work at the top level European club football, and those that did make the travel failed to continue long.

Brazil were caught entirely off balance by the Pep Guardiola revolution of a decade ago.

Many in Brazilian football were convinced that physical evolution had left a possession-based match impossible and the way forward was to bulk up and utilize quick counter-attacks down the flanks.

They were out of date as revealed all too harshly when Germany, having taken on board some of Guardiola’s ideas, maintained passing their way through the 2014 Brazil side about how to that 7-1 win.

Tite – learning courses in Europe
The exception to Brazil’s failure to evolve and learn is Tite.

At first glance his CV may not appear to include anything unusual. He’s never worked in Europe; his stance has been that he would be not able to attain excellence in another language, even though the 57-year-old could be softening on there.