3 Simple Steps to Getting Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) Certification For Microsoft Office 2003

Microsoft now offers two current adjustments of the regarded Microsoft Office Certification. They are the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) and the Microsoft Certified Application Specialist (MCAS). The variation of the accreditation, an individual should look for after, office.com/setup depends upon the type of Microsoft Office you use and wish to avow on. This article will focus on the Microsoft Office Specialist accreditation.


The Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification is for individuals who use and wish to affirm on Microsoft Office 2003 things. There are seven possible MOS tests open. From the seven possible tests there are two possible titles, or assignments, an individual taking MOS tests can win. The assignments are Microsoft Office Specialist as well as Master Microsoft Office Specialist. The accreditation you obtain depends whereupon of the seven tests you take and what number of the tests you take. The seven available tests are:


Word 2003 Core

Word 2003 Expert

Surpass desires 2003 Core

Surpass desires 2003 Expert

PowerPoint 2003 Core

Angle 2003 Core

Access 2003 Core


In case you take any of the above tests you transform into a Microsoft Office Specialist in that thing. Thusly, if you pass the Microsoft Word 2003 Expert test you will be sent an affirmation, from Microsoft, which says you are a Microsoft Office Specialist in Word 2003 Expert. If you take the Outlook Core test you will be sent an underwriting that says you are a Microsoft Office Specialist in Outlook 2003 Core. Resulting to breezing through any of the above tests you are affirmed as a “Microsoft Office Specialist” and you can around then use the MOS task after your name, and furthermore the MOS logo on business cards, resumes, etc.


When you breeze through four unequivocal MOS tests you will win the Master Microsoft Office Specialist accreditation/task. The required tests for Master MOS status are:

Word 2003 Expert

Surpass desires 2003 Expert

PowerPoint 2003 Core

Point of view 2003 Core or Access 2003 Core (you simply need to pass 1 of the 2)


When you breeze through the more than four required tests, Microsoft will mail you an announcement that says Master Microsoft Office Specialist. This verification will moreover say which of the four required tests you passed. If you have finished up this is the insistence for you since you use Microsoft Office 2003 and need to endorse your aptitudes you should do the going with advances.


Stage One is Training – Through setting you up, will take in the 2003 applications and the aptitudes you will be attempted on. While hunting down getting ready scan for program that starts with the application stray pieces and besides covers the pushed topics in addition. The tests are troublesome, so you have to guarantee the readiness you pick is broad and it covers the test goals. You should scan for setting up that consolidates hands-on activities as well. All Specialist tests are hands-on tests. While venturing through the tests, there are questions that appear on the base of the page. The application you are attempting on will open on the most astounding purpose of the screen and you should “do” the indispensable endeavors to answer the request. The tests are also arranged. Each test is 50 minutes, so you have to verify you are quick at doing each test objective. Setting up that fuses hands-on preparing will empower you to learn and hold the information.


Stage Two is Practice Exams – Several vendors move Microsoft Office Specialist practice tests. These preparation tests reproduce the test condition. It empowers you to get settled with the sorts of request they will ask you, the way in which the request are worded, the typical responses, and it is a fantastic strategy to refine your capacities already venturing through the genuine examination.


Stage Three is Real Exam-The tests are simply coordinated through power Certiport Testing centers. You ought to go to a physical region to venture through the test. You can find a testing center around the web, through Certiports website, and after that call the testing center to timetable and pay for the test. Be watchful, Microsoft does not offer there Office 2003 tests on the web. You ought to go to the physical testing center and breeze through the insistence test to wind up “ensured.”